"Who Am I This Time?"

    Produced & Written by: NEAL MILLER, Directed by JONATHAN DEMME
    Music composed and performed by JOHN CALE, Based on the story by KURT VONNEGUT, JR.

"Who Am I This Time?" is currently in pre-production to become a feature film. For more information, visit www.whoamithistime.com.

Life is a stage for shy lovers in this charming comedy, two shy people find love through their roles in a local theater company.

The small town of North Crawford never tires of seeing Harry Nash in every leading role at the Mask & Wig Club. But after each brilliant performance Harry returns to his life as a timid, tongue-tied hardware store clerk. Enter newcomer Helene Shaw who travels from town to town working for the telephone company. The Club director thinks she will be a perfect Stella in A Streetcar Named Desire. There is only one problem - her acting is terrible.

When Harry comes in to read for the part of Stanley Kowalski, he shocks Helene into giving the performance of her life. After that, Harry and Helene throw themselves into the play with a passion. Who Am I This Time? tells the story of what happens when the truth about Harry finally dawns on Helene, and she embarks on a humorous and unorthodox campaign to win him.

Academy Award winners, CHRISTOPHER WALKEN and SUSAN SARANDON, play the painfully shy introvert and the beautiful vulnerable newcomer in this poem to actors. JONATHAN DEMME, best director Academy Award winner for "SILENCE OF THE LAMBS", displays a delicate respect for this fumbling Romeo and Juliet as well as a witty understanding of the drama in everyone's blood.

Exhibitions & Awards

  • Special Exhibition - Walker Art Center, Minn. - 9/82
  • Special Presentation - Venice Film Festival - 9/82
  • Best Television Production Award - Setmana Int'l De Cinema de Barcelona - 10/82
  • Special Presentation - San Francisco Int'l Film Festival – 4/84
  • Special Presentation - ACT I (First American Film Festival in Soviet Union - Moscow/Leningrad) - 1/88
  • -- "Jonathan Demme has directed with finesse. The hour is a pleasure ... Miller coaxes his characters along with becoming humor."
    - Daily Variety
    -- "Just a smashing adaptation of a Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. story..."
    - Howard Rosenberg, L.A. Times (Top 20 selections for 1982)
    -- "Who Am I This Time? is a ripe slice of honeydew, a really beguiling charmer..."
    - Tom Shales, Washington Post

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