"Under The Biltmore Clock"

    Produced & Directed by: NEAL MILLER, Screenplay by ILENE COOPER & NEAL MILLER
    Based on the story "Myra Meets His Family" by F. SCOTT FITZGERALD

Two of "The Beautiful and the Dammed" youth of Fitzgerald's 20's find a bittersweet romance when they cross love with parental expectations and pride in this poignant comedy.

Beautiful, vivacious 21 year old Myra Harper faces a dilemma: being single is socially unacceptable in 1920, but she is quickly bored with every man she dates. So Myra pragmatically goes after and charms the best prospect in sight - handsome, extremely wealthy Knowleton Whitney. Knowleton falls head-over-heals in love with Myra and, much to her surprise, she falls for him. When Myra travels to the fabulous Whitney estate to meet Knowleton's parents, the eccentric household, believing her to be a gold digger, provides a humorously humiliating visit. Myra has her revenge however, providing a poignant twist to this romance-gone-awry.

Reviews & Awards

-- "Under The Biltmore Clock tells its story with panache and style ... It's first class"
- JON ANDERSON - Chicago Tribune
-- "... has more surprises than the average (or above-average) mystery ... leaves you smiling."
- DAVID BIANCULLI - Philadelphia Inquirer

  • Best Literary Adaptation of 1985, Honorable Mention - TV Guide
  • Los Angeles Int'l Film Festival - 3/85
  • USA Film Festival (Dallas) - 3/85
  • Sonoma Valley Film Festival - 5/85/i>
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