Nancy Miller
Eugene filmmaker and artist Nancy Miller’s long collaboration with her husband, Neal Miller, previously resulted in the critically-acclaimed film A Matter of Principle, starring Alan Arkin and Barbara Dana.

Nancy has always been fascinated with all forms of art. When she isn’t working on screenplays she is typically in her studio, creating eclectic sculptures or digital stories using both video and still photography.

Originally from the Midwest, Nancy received her B.A. degree from Wellesley College and her masters from NYU, then taught school in both Puerto Rico and New York. Her love of art eventually drew her into representing artists and traveled the country selling their work (as well as her own) to architects and interior designers.

Nancy met Neal in 1973, and settled down with him in his native Chicago. She soon began to run their company New Century Management, renovating Victorian apartment buildings. Over the years, Nancy continued to manage the properties which often provided the resources necessary to produce the acclaimed body of work from their company, Rubicon™ Productions, Ltd.