"Any Friend of Nicholas Nickleby is a Friend of Mine"

    Based on the story by RAY BRADBURY, Starring: FRED GWYNNE
    Narration by RAY BRADBURY, Produced by: NEAL MILLER
    Screenplay by MARY TRIMBLE, Directed by RALPH ROSENBLUM

From the master of contemporary fantasy, RAY BRADBURY, comes a poignant, humorous tale of friendship, love, and the power of youthful dreams.

Begin with a long, dreamy summer day in a small Illinois town where nothing ever really changes. Add a young boy with a fiery imagination and a mysterious stranger who signs the guest register "Charles Dickens". Mr. Dickens begins calling the boy "Pip", and asks for help transcribing his latest novel. Pip quickly switches his long-standing devotion from Mr. Wyneski, another boarder, and becomes Mr. Dickens private secretary.

Everyone seems happy to live in Dickens' world except for Mr. Wyneski, who is outraged at the intrusion of this "fraud" who has spirited away his young companion. The conflict between the two men teaches the boy about the importance of love, and brings about a revealing personal crisis for "Mr. Dickens." Before you know it, you're transported into the whimsical world of Ray Bradbury at the peak of his creative powers in a story of enchanting nostalgia that's truly for the whole family.


"... charming and amusing, played well by all hands ... It's lemonade with a grin."
- Daily Variety
-- "... a charming, sweet drama ... entertainment for the whole family ... with the texture of "Our Town" or "Ah Wilderness!"
- New York Daily News
-- "The story is a gentle parable about basic, simpler values - loyalty, the bonds of friendship, the role of imagination - set in a simpler time ... Fred Gwynne is superb."
- Sun Sentinal

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