"Come Along With Me"

    and the voice of PAUL NEWMAN as Hughie
    Produced by: NEAL MILLER, Screenplay by JUNE KRAUS, NEAL MILLER
    Directed by: JOANNE WOODWARD
    Based on an unfinished novel by SHIRLEY JACKSON

Mabel Lederer is a clairvoyant woman who is starved for strangers and the life she always knew she should have. Estelle Parsons plays this whimsical character who makes up her life as she goes along.

Mabel Lederer has spent her life denying her connection to the supernatural - and her stodgy husband Hughie would never acknowledge it. But when Hughie dies, even his continued complaining from the grave can’t stop Mabel's determination to break away and rediscover her life.

So Mabel sells her house and possessions, and reinvents herself in a new town with a new name (Angela Motorman), and a new profession ... "I dabble in the supernatural." Mabel's quirky character and wry observations create uniquely comic predicaments. Her gift for finding unusual people and situations makes “Come Along With Me” a bizarre and humorous journey that leads to a séance with unexpected results.


-- "Come Along With Me provides marvelous acting ground for the incomparable Estelle Parsons. Joanne Woodward directs with a fine eye to the bizarre people and their materialistic demands of life."
- Daily Variety

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